Pictures by Sophie Benjamin and Ben Breitenstein.

I spent the weekend up in Brisbane recording the new EP with James Jackson and Ben Breitenstein at Neutral Ground, the studio and rehearsal space shared by the bands Inside The Whale, We Set Sail and Weekend Alarms

Neutral Ground is part storage space, part garage and part secret clubhouse. Jimmy recorded the upcoming Inside The Whale and We Set Sail albums there, and when Ben offered to drum on the recording and volunteered Jimmy’s engineering and production services, I thought I’d be silly to refuse. 

It was the most fun I’ve ever had recording my own music and teaching it to other people. Ben and Jimmy were so easy to work with, and it was hard not to feel relaxed in their space - even if the ceiling could cave in on us at any time. 

The upcoming four song EP is called Arson Crafts, and will be mixed and mastered at Blasting Room Studios ready for an August release. Ken Smith is doing the artwork. 

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